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Lydeard St Lawrence
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Trash or Treasure?

It has been suggested that we try a "village freecycle" page. Have a look ....>>

Wanted - New Website Editor!

Do you like keeping up to date with local goings on?  Why not help everyone else do the same by becoming the village website editor?  No need to be a "technophile", but you should have basic computer skills and of course internet access.  It is not an onerous job but I have been doing it for many years - time for a new hand on the keyboard!
Please get in touch for more details.  lslvillage@outlook.com

Bird Flu outbreak in the UK

See the "News" page for more info from DEFRA   Click here.

Fibre Broadband

Good news is that the fibre broadband for Lydeard St Lawrence is now live. This should provide a significant improvement as it brings fibre right into the village with just short runs of copper between the cabinet and homes within the village. The further from the village, the less impact the upgrade will have so the more isolated properties will not see such good improvements.
Please remember that the upgrade is not automatic. Once the cabinet is live, users must contact their (or another) ISP and purchase a fibre service.

Be Aware

Most of you will have heard that there has been another spate of burglaries in the village - items taken from sheds and outbuildings.  Please take a moment ot review your own security measures and remember to be aware of any suspicious activity in the area.  It could be someone looking for the next victim!  Don't leave it to someone else - report anything you see to the Police phone number 101 for all non-urgent calls, or Crimestoppers 0800 555111 .  Of course if it is an emergency situation call 999.  Louise Fyne, our PCSO, can be contacted at louise.fyne@avonandsomerset.police.uk  or see below for the dates of  Beat Surgeries held in the Village Hall.

Village Agent

What is a Village Agent?  A project run by the Community Council for Somerset, village agents have been appointed to offer a free service to local people and community groups.  Their main task is to give practical support with problems, large and small, by giving advice on what services are available.



There has been a spate of incidents where victims have been contacted by telephone by unknown persons purporting to be police officers. The victims are given various stories but essentially they are being asked to either provide bank details, or to obtain cash from their bank. In particular this cash is then being collected by taxi drivers and ferried to London.
One incident that occurred recently in Somerset came to light because the taxi driver was suspicious about the package he was asked to collect and take to London. He opened the package to find several thousand pounds in cash and immediately called the police.
Police wish to emphasise that they would never contact people by telephone and ask for their bank details, or for them to take cash from their bank. Likewise organisations such as banks, utilities etc would never ask for such information.
Please remember that you should never give any personal details to strangers over the phone, by Email/internet or at the door. It is important that vulnerable members of our communities are reminded of this.
If you have any suspicions surrounding matters of his type of incident please ensure that you contact the police straight away on the 101 number, or if you think it is an emergency situation, call 999.

From PCSO Louise Fyne
  •  Please be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour - use the Police phone number 101 for all non-urgent calls, or Crimestoppers 0800 555111

  • Police Beat Surgeries will be held once a month in Lydeard St Lawrence Village Hall Meeting Room - all are Mondays, from 10.30 to 11.30 am. 
  • 2017 dates:  23rd January 2017
    13th February
    13th March
    3rd April
    22nd May
    12th June
    3rd July
    21st August
    11th September
    9th October
    20th November
    18th December

Somerset Community Oil Scheme

Some of you will already be aware of this excellent service which offers discounted heating oil when you join a bulk buying scheme, run by the Community Council for Somerset. Thanks to Simon, we now have our very own local co-ordinator which makes ordering even easier!  For full details you can contact him on 667739, or email
simonbroad3@gmail.com.  You can also find out more on the Community Council website  www.somersetrcc.org.uk/oil


Keep your dog under close control this Spring.

Nothing is more evocative of spring than seeing new lambs by their mothers out in the Quantock countryside.

But, please remember that it is at this time of year when sheep and lambs are at their most vulnerable. Quantock Rangers, local farmers and the Police would like to highlight the problems that some dogs can cause to livestock on the hills.

From 1st March dog owners are required by law to keep their dogs on a lead when being walked across Open Access land. In all other areas of the countryside dogs should be kept under close control. It’s not just the physical attacks that cause harm but simply allowing a dog to chase sheep may cause ewes to abort or become injured.

Owen Jones, Quantock AONB Ranger said “I’m a dog owner myself and there’s nothing I enjoy more than walking over the hills with my spaniel, but I have to remember that sheep, lambs and wildlife can easily be disturbed if the dogs, no matter how well trained, are not under very close control”.

Owen went on to say “There have been many times when Quantock Rangers have had to deal with the aftermath of dog attacks on sheep and in all cases I believe they could have been easily avoided - it’s never easy visiting a farmer to tell them that their livestock has been injured or killed”.

If your dog does kill or cause harm to livestock, you can be liable for a significant fine and for the value of the livestock harmed - your pet may also be dispatched, the cost of which will also have to be borne by you. Moreover, if your dog is actually seen in action harassing livestock it could be shot on sight.

If you actually witness an attack in progress, call 999 otherwise any incidents witnessed should be reported to the Police on 0845 456 7000 or directly to the Quantock Hills AONB Office on 01823 451884.



Horticultural Show 2017
Trash or Treasure?
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